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I have 29 years of experience in global companies, working in Germany, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Russia as well as the United States. This included leadership roles in Engineering, Sales and Project Management, enabling me to excel in multicultural environments; finding solutions to help people from diverse cultures work together for a common goal.

My passion for gaining a deep understanding of various cultures and how people work together has driven me to become a Doctoral student in Global Leadership. (PhD).  

You will appreciate that these experiences have refined my sensitivity for a global mindset which I believe is critical for the leadership in a worldwide organization such as Toastmasters International.

I am inspired by Toastmasters and what I have personally seen in how it builds confidence in individual members.  I want to see mature markets rejuvenated, and new markets grow to bring the Toastmasters experience to as many people as possible.  The combined experiences being a global leader with a higher education in global leadership benefits the future of the organization.  I want to be part of rejuvenating mature markets and the continuous growth of new markets around the world.

Toastmasters is about bringing people together to support each other in building confidence and skills in public speaking and leadership.  The major objective is to build and maintain a structured organization that supports this mission. 

We are all stewards of the organization, and have a responsibility to protect the brand while effectively serving the individual need of the member through communication and leadership development. All work going forward needs to focus on the sustainability of the organization and our programs so we can still be a preferred choice for individual development.

As Engineering Manager, I was a leader in formulating strategies for sustainability and growth in a highly regulated food industry organization.  I managed a department budget in excess of 1.5 million dollars.

As Project Manager, I bring strategic solutions to practical realization in achieving an operational master plan.  I am responsible for project budgets, deriving the business case which includes savings calculations, and ROI calculations.  During the implementation phase, I am responsible for keeping the projects within budget.  I administer budgets in excess of 30 million US dollars.

Continuous improvement is critical to the success of my industry.  Through my work as engineering manager and project manager, I develop policies that address non-conformances and create best practices to meet customer needs, employee safety, legal and regulatory compliance, to assure a safe supply of food.

As Board Member for a social services agency, I aligned strategic initiatives of the agency’s programs to the needs of the people we supported.

As International Director, I worked on projects aligned with the strategic direction of Toastmasters International.




  • Wide experience working in an FDA regulated industry

  • Multicultural experience through working with diverse teams and working with international customers.

  • PhD Student at Indiana TECH

    • PhD Global Leadership​

  • MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.

  • B.Sc. Management from Indiana Wesleyan University

  • Mechanical Engineering - Erik Dahlbergs Gymnasieskola, Jönköping (Swe)

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) through Project Management Institute (PMI).

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate from Purdue University

  • Commissioned Kentucky Colonel.


  • Indiana Department of Corrections
    Level 1 Volunteer

  • Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center 
    (Past Board Member) - a social services agency focused on inner city poverty.


  • AIB - Academy of International Business

  • ILA - International Leadership Association

  • PMI - Project Management Institute




  • Born and raised European, working in the United States culture since 1998

  • Bringing experience from two different working cultures together into an understanding of the challenges an international organization faces.

  • Business travel in Central America for about ten years has taught me valuable lessons in how to adapt to cultures different than your own, and how to gain trust.

  • Management positions taught me lessons on how to create effective teams.

  • Having been both an equipment provider (supplier) and equipment user (customer) brings an understanding of both sides of the negotiation table.

  • Multilingual skills

    • Swedish and English,

    • Danish and Norwegian

    • German

  • Documented as inventor for three patents

    • US 6,737,092, May 18, 2004

    • US 5,324,250-, June 28, 1994

    • US 5,265,860, November 30, 1993,

  • Military Training

    • Swedish Air Force, Sergeant.



Member of Toastmasters International since February, 2007. 


Toastmasters Leadership Positions


Leadership positions in Toastmasters International has taught me lessons in how you get a diverse and predominantly volunteer group of people to align towards a common goal and be effective.

  • District Level

    • Area Governor
      Presidents Distinguished

    • Division Governor
      Presidents Distinguished

    • Lieutenant Governor Marketing

    • Lieutenant Governor Education and Training

    • District Governor
      Select Distinguished

  • International Level

    • International Director

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